Using with a CDN


CDN configuration highlights

  • Manifest requests need to be routed to
    Caching must be disabled for manifest requests. (all .mpd and .m3u8)
  • Media segment requests of the Ad creative transcoded by must be routed to An identifiable pattern is /bpkio-jitt/*. Caching should be enabled.
  • Other media segment requests shall be routed to their respective origin. Caching should be enabled.
  • There are mandatory system query parameters as well as application specific query parameters which your CDN must forward. CDN should be configured to forward all specific targeting query parameters sent by the client to

When building your application(s), it is highly recommended to use with a Content Delivery Network for several reasons:

  • does not deliver the media segments of your original or replacement content, it only delivers manifests and ad creative media segments generated by the platform. You need a component which routes manifest requests to while routing media segment requests to the origin. CDNs have this functionality.
  • Using a CDN will improve the efficiency of both media segments and manifests delivery. Depending on your type of application, bringing content closer to the end-users will provide a better quality of experience.