with Postman

How to use the collections to run a quick demo

  1. Generate your API key (more information here ) and save it somewhere safe.

  2. Fork the Postman collection of your choice in your workspace. We recommend you to fork it in a public workspace so we can pull collection updates if needed. You will need a Postman account for that.

  3. Select the Environment you want to work in - you might have to create one, and create a new Environment variable API_TOKEN of type "secret". Set its current value to the value of the API Key generated in 1, and save the variable.


Use Env variables !

We strongly recommend you to use Environment variables when working with API token in public workspaces. Working with collection variables on such workspace will expose your key to the world. You definitely want to avoid this.

  1. From there, you can Run the collection. This will launch all API calls in sequence.

  1. You can retrieve some information from the collection variables value, such as the Virtual Channel stream url, or the time each VOD has been scheduled in the Virtual Channel. For this, consult the Variables tab.