SSAT (Server Side Ad Tracking)

Understand what's behind SSAT options

Server-side Ad Tracking can be enabled on Ad Insertion type of Services, by activating the checkbox in the second menu, called Enable server-side ad tracking. will perform tracking by calling the beacons provided in the VAST answer, in accordance with the way the Ad is being consumed by the player. Supported beacons are the following events:

  • Impression
  • Start
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • Complete


SSAT Limitations

  • Server Side Ad Tracking is currently not compatible with Client Side Ad Tracking on a same Service.

Media Segment Availability check

When working with Server Side Ad Tracking, allows to activate a feature which validates the availability of the Ad media segments before triggering a beacon call. It is an optional feature which will prevent reporting Impressions when the Ad content is not available.

With this option enabled, performs a HTTP HEAD on each Ad media segments requested. Tracking beacons will be triggered only if all the Ad media segments that represent the quartile in question are available. An Ad media segment is considered available if the response from the HTTP HEAD is 200.