Use these quick high-level checklists to check if you have everything you need to create a Content Replacement service


Checklist for Content Replacement


Prepare your sources

  • A base Live stream
  • At least one Live or VOD stream for replacement content


Create the resources in

  • Create the Sources or retrieve existing ones

  • Create a Content Replacement service and select original default replacement content

  • Create one or multiple Slots with selected alternate content


  • Test your service's output URL in your selected player(s)
  • Check that at the configured time, alternate content shows instead of the original Live stream


  • Connect your CDN and define the appropriate rules and policies to ensure an optimized delivery.
  • Each time you need to schedule a new slot, ensure that the alternate content is already created as a Source or create it in If needed, you can automate the source and slot creation from your scheduling system with API REST or ESNI calls