Links to existing Content Replacement playbooks

Content replacement services make it easy to build some simple or more complex use cases. If you want to discover some in details here is a quick overview of the main use cases for content replacement and a link to more detailed articles:

  • Simsub, or simultaneous substitution: a very detailed guide to replacing within a live channel, a content delivered by a broadcaster with the same program, but delivered by another broadcaster. This need may happen in case of local rights managements.
  • Enabling Blackout with ESNI API: we show you a how to implement a Blackout scenario leveraging the ESNI API to schedule alternative content on specific Events, and how easy it is to come create and update blackout SCTE-224 Mediapoints on the fly.
  • Enabling Blackout with webapp we show you how to to prevent a certain part of your audience accessing what's on a live channel for a dedicated period of time. All is done via the webapp 💛.