Use cases

Understand the various Content Replacement scenarios enabled by

Here is a list of use cases we have identified to be addressed by our Content Replacement application. This list is of course non-exhaustive and you could find your own use of our application.

All these use cases are based upon a linear workflow. The original content is always a live source.
The replacement content can be generated from a live or an asset source type.

Use CaseReplacement contentContextualization added value
BlackoutAlternate content (e.g. content with no restrictions, slate message, promotional message)Comply with content provider distribution policies (typically for live sports events)
RegionalizationRegional or local variant (e.g. local news)Stream channel variants with more relevant content
SimSub (Simultaneous Substitution)Regional or local variantProtect rights of local broadcasters and secure advertising revenue, mostly enforced in Canada
EAS (Emergency Alert System)Regional or local alerting messageOverride current content regardless of what channel is being watched
Geo-blockingAlternate content (e.g. content with no restrictions, slate message, promotional message)Enforcing of market strategies (focus on special regions) and limitation of frauds

For all those use cases, the core engine used to automatically and dynamically enforce content replacement gives you the capability to define how the contextualization is being done.



Origination of contextualized content

Initially, only the manifests are being processed to do contextualization, which means that contextualized content is being streamed from your origin server and CDN. Soon, the platform will also do streaming (check out the feature announcements).