Live pre-roll options

Preroll feature has two specific options when applied on a live source, and that may be usefull to refine the behavior of ad insertion.

Max. Pod Duration

Max. Pod Duration sets a maximum length of time when the preroll ads can be inserted. If the global duration of ads returned by the ad server excesses this parameter, then only some ads will be inserted, for the pre-roll insertion to remain below this max Pod Duration value.


In case both pre-roll and ad replacement are activated, no ad replacement will be performed if an ad break happen during the max pod duration. During this period, only pre-roll insertion may happen.

Pre-roll Offset

Pre-roll Offset allows to set the number of media segments inserted in the first manifest delivered to the player. This option can be usefull when you notice that the stream is not starting right at the beginning of an ad but few second late. The behavior can be slightly different from a player to another and you can tweak the value to get the proper behavior. The value is expressed in seconds and should be a multiple of the media segment length of your live source.