Blackout application

Almost 3 months after it was deprecated, we have remove the Blackout application from the WebApp. All remaining Blackout services were converted into Content Replacement services. The API will be removed soon.



Live pre-roll Ad Insertion

Maximum duration is now optional. When it is undefined the duration of the ad pod provided by the ad server is not constrained.



Dynamic Ad Insertion

Today our Ad Insertion application has exited beta status and has become available to all tenants.

Here are all the new features available :

Ad Server source

It is now possible to create, edit, update and delete an Ad Server source, which points to the URL of a server that complies with the VAST or VMAP protocols and allows defining the query parameters that are added to the request.

Asset catalog source

This new source allows specifying the path of a catalog of VOD assets on your origin server. You also need to provide the URL of a sample asset, so that our platform can check that it can access it, and allow you to preview the service.

Live ad replacement can replace ads in a live DASH or HLS source. Your source must contain SCTE-35 markers to signal the ad placement opportunities. will contact your ad server to determine which ads to insert depending on the context and will replace the existing content by these ads.

Gap filler

When defining a live ad replacement service, you can select a VOD asset that will insert at the end of an ad slot, if the ads provided by the ad server do not fill entirely the slot.

Live pre-roll can insert ads at the beginning (pre-roll) of a live session.

VOD ad insertion can insert ads at the beginning (pre-roll), in the middle (mid-roll) or at the end (post-roll) of a VOD asset. You need to define an ad insertion service that uses an asset catalog source and use an ad server that tells where the ads must be inserted by using the appropriate VAST or VMAP protocol.

Ad transcoding

In case your ad server provides ads in the mp4 format, will need to transcode them in a format that is compatible with your live and VOD sources. You will need to contact us so that we can define a transcoding profile for you and make it available to your services. Once provisioned you will find it in Account Settings / Transcoding profiles and you will be able to use it in your service by selecting it in the service creation or update page. Since transcoding can take a bit of time, the first end-user requests that use a new ad will receive the live or VOD content unchanged. Once the ad has been transcoded, it will be inserted into your service.



Virtual Channel services API
  • Parameter source has been renamed baseLive (source is still working to avoid a breaking change however we encourage you to update your API calls)
  • Parameter replacement has been removed

API Reference - Virtual Channel

Virtual Channel slots API
  • Parameter replacement is now required
  • Parameter name is no longer required

API Reference - Virtual Channel slots

Content Replacement slots API
  • Parameter name is no longer required

API Reference - Content Replacement slots

API keys

We have increased the number of API keys tenants can create from 2 to 20.



Content Replacement demo

We have added the possibility to create an HLS demo service in addition to the existing DASH demo service. There is a new "Create new demo" button next to the "Create new" button in the "Services" menu. This opens a page where it is possible to choose between DASH and HLS demos.



Ad Insertion

We have renamed this application from Targeted Ad in the WebApp and from dynamic-ad-insertion in the API. This application is still only available to registered beta testers.

Free trial limits

We have increased the maximum number of sources that a free trial tenant can create from 5 to 20. This accounts for the fact that the Virtual Channel application needs more sources for a meaningful trial.



Virtual Channels

It is no longer mandatory to create a slot with a Virtual Channel service in the WebApp.




This application is now marked as deprecated in the WebApp and the API. We will phase it out in a few weeks. Please use the Content Replacement application instead.



Dynamic Ad Insertion

We have renamed this application's API endpoints from Targeted Ad Insertion to better describe what it does. The WebApp renaming will soon follow. This application is still only available to registered beta testers.



Content Replacement

Our one-click demo button now creates a Content Replacement service instead of a Blackout service.