Standalone categories

Categories are now standalone objects. They can be managed through dedicated API endpoints.

They can be referenced in Content Replacement slots or Virtual Channel slots through their id.

This allows you to predefine categories, including an optional list of zip codes, instead of redefining them in each slot.

The categories parameter of the slot API is now deprecated. It will be removed in a few weeks.

Please see our Knowledge Center for more details.

Slate sources

You can now create slate sources from a JPEG image or an MP4 video.

They may be used as gap fillers in Ad Insertion services .

You will need to select a transcoding profile that is compatible with the source of your service. Please contact us to have one created for you.



Ad Server configuration

We now check that only supported variables are used in query parameters. Please see our Knowledge Center for more details.

Pagination support

We now support optional pagination query parameters in GET all API requests. Please see our API reference for examples and more details.

Check status API

We now return a meaningful error message instead of a 500 error when we detect an issue in a HLS media playlist.

Preview page

The two players now have the same size in Chrome.



Content Replacement and Virtual Channel slots

We have added the possibility to set the end time instead of the duration of a slot. One of them is required and they are mutually exclusive. More details in our API reference.



Blackout application

This application was deprecated 4 months ago and removed from the WebApp 1 month ago. It is no longer documented in the API Reference and will be completely removed in the coming days. Please use the Content Replacement application to address the blackout use case.



Asset catalog source

It is now possible to have several asset catalogs with the same path, as long as they have different samples. This is especially useful if you have DASH and HLS content in the same location.

Source analysis

The source analysis API now returns the list of representations (DASH) or variants (HLS) in the body of the response. They are not displayed in the WebApp.



Service preview

We have added the possibility of defining query parameters sent to the service, to personalize the content.

We have aligned the asset catalog preview with other previews, to show the unmodified asset on the left.



API keys

You can now create up to 20 API keys through the WebApp.



Live pre-roll Ad Insertion

This feature now works as intended when the Maximum duration field is left blank, which is the default since September 21st.



Blackout application

Almost 3 months after it was deprecated, we have removed the Blackout application from the WebApp. All remaining Blackout services were converted into Content Replacement services. The API will be removed soon.



Live pre-roll Ad Insertion

Maximum duration is now optional. When it is undefined the duration of the ad pod provided by the ad server is not constrained.