Ad Insertion specifics

Specific considerations on manifest manipulation in Ad Insertion applications

Live Ad Replacement

Live Ad Replacement consists of replacing portions of a live stream with (transcoded and packaged) ad creatives. Therefore it relies on the Substitution logic.

When using, the signalling of those portions must be done via SCTE-35 markers.


To ensure perfect replacement of original ads, and for a smooth transition between the original live content and substituted ads, ensure that the live stream is conditioned for frame-accurate manipulation so that segment boundaries match the timing of the SCTE-35 markers.

Multi-Period DASH

If using a multi-period DASH live stream, ensure that the timing information in the SCTE-35 markers match perfectly the boundaries of the periods containing the content to be replaced.


Live Ad Insertion does not support the logic of insertion of ads in live streams, only a logic of substitution.

Live Ad Pre-roll

In Live Ad Pre-Roll applications, an ad is shown before the user can watch the main content. It therefore relies on the Substitution logic.


In AVOD scenarios, the source content is a VOD asset. Whether using pre-roll, mid-roll or post-rolls, it therefore relies on the Insertion logic