Ad Insertion specifics

How handles slot timing precision for Ad Insertion

Live Ad Insertion Precision

When dealing with SCTE-35 Signaling

The precision of the platform when using the Dynamic Ad Insertion Application is 1 millisecond. Therefore when SCTE-35 markers are received in live manifests with ad replacement instructions, will be accurate to the millisecond in processing these instructions.

When working with out-of band trigger (API) on Virtual Channel

The slot precision when working with the REST API to trigger ad breaks is 1 second.

As for the Virtual Channel application. this means that if the programming system defines a slot with a start-time, end-time or duration value in milliseconds, the platform will automatically round the time to the nearest second.

If content conditioning has not been performed - or simply is not possible, it may happen that the time value indicated is not falling exactly between HLS or MPEG-DASH segment boundaries. For more information we invite your to visit this section