Dynamic Ad Insertion

All you need to know to create DAI services

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) represents a cornerstone in bridging the gap between content creators and advertisers, offering a seamless avenue for monetizing live and on-demand (VOD) streaming content. In a digital landscape where every interaction counts, ensuring that ads reach the right audience at the right time is paramount. This is where broadpeak.io shines by simplifying the intricate choreography with Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) (through the ad servers), making ad insertion in streams feel effortless.

Our solution is built on a robust Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) framework, which facilitates a streamlined ad insertion flow by manipulating HLS and DASH manifests, ensuring compatibility across various devices without the need for any client-side logic. This approach also aids in circumventing ad blocking, ensuring that advertisements reach their intended audience.

broadpeak.io also provides tools for real-time monitoring and detailed reporting on ad insertions, offering content providers actionable insights into the effectiveness of their ad insertion efforts.

Ad Targeting: A Necessity for Modern Streaming

In the contemporary digital landscape, ad targeting has transitioned from being a luxury to a necessity. The ability to deliver relevant advertising to individual viewers enhances engagement, optimizes the advertising ROI, and enriches the overall viewer experience. The essence of ad targeting lies in the precise alignment of advertisements with viewer preferences and behaviors, ensuring that the ads resonate with the audience.

DAI solutions like broadpeak.io play a pivotal role in facilitating effective ad targeting. By processing client requests and transitioning information to SSPs, SSAI solutions serve as a conduit for transmitting vital data that informs ad decisioning. This data, which may encompass viewer information, content metadata, and other relevant metrics, is instrumental in selecting ads that align with viewer preferences.