Dynamic Ad Insertion

All you need to know to create DAI services

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is a server-side video ad technology (SSAI) that allows you to deliver video ads into live linear channels and video-on-demand content. broadpeak.io leverages manifest manipulation of HLS and DASH feeds to enable this type of scenario.

broadpeak.io is the most transparent Dynamic Ad Insertion platform of the market. To scale your content business, it merely interacts with your streaming environment, ad servers, and SSPs.

Transparent and reliable reporting is one of the essential elements of a modern video ad server. Indeed, to improve yield and make sure that their users' experience is not negatively impacted, media owners need solutions that enable them to evaluate the performance of the ads in their inventory. Advertisers also depend on reliable information about each impression they purchase to understand the value they are receiving and make the necessary adjustments to enhance efficiency.

For all of these reasons, we put a special effort in making broadpeak.io not only observable, but also simple to use. We want to democratize the access to dynamic ads in video streams.