Playout issues

This section will help you troubleshoot playout issues.

If you are experiencing delay in content switch or no content switch at all, please check that your origin packager has proper time synchronization - see the Time/Timings management section. If you are still experiencing issues, the following sections might help.

HTTP errors at playback:

Some errors might be returned by the platform when something goes wrong. Here is a list of these errors and their meaning.

404 Errors:

  • 404 Internal error (From the origin or MM)
    --> The origin returns a 404 error when attempts to retrieve the manifest(s).
    --> Something is wrong with the provided stream retrieved from the origin. It can be that the stream is not supported by You can find more information about Input streams requirements here Input Formats.
  • 404 Bad Gateway of the origin server
    --> The origin or the Ad server has returned an invalid response to
    --> The origin or the Ad server has taken too long to respond to and has been considered as timed out.
  • 404 Service temporarily unavailable error of the origin server
    --> The content stopped being available from the origin or is temporarily unable to retrieve it.
  • 404 Failed to join the origin server
    --> The origin is not reachable from Make sure the appropriated inbound and outbound firewall rules are set at the origin level. You can find more information in the Guidelines for Content Replacement section
  • 404 HTTP version is not supported by the origin server
    --> The protocol to retrieve the manifest used by is not supported by your origin.

50X Errors:
For any 50x Errors returned by the platform, please contact us at [email protected].

Timeout from

If you are using a CDN and receiving a timeout from the CDN, then the CDN might be faulty. It is also good practice to check that the CDN configuration is correct and that the right behavior, and caching policies are set. You can find more information here Time/Timings management
In case the issue persists, please contact us at [email protected].

Content keeps switching every couple of media segments when using a CDN

When caching is enabled on the CDN, the manifest retrieved by the player from the CDN might not be the one intended, and the content described in the manifest might reference a content targeted for another audience. Make sure to disable manifest caching on the CDN. You can find more information in the following section.

Player freezes or crashes

Not all players software providers have fully implemented the Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH standards and, as a result, some of them do not support stream changes during playback. HLS players need to support discontinuities, while MPEG-DASH players need to implement multi-period support. You can find more information here (lien manquant).