The API Reference Tool

Find and test the REST API in a single place

Our API Reference is the place where you can find documentation on the API requests that are available to operate All the operations that you can perform from our webapp can be performed with an API call.

You can also test the APIs directly in the same tool against your own account.


The API reference page contains 3 columns:

  • The first one (zone 1) shows the list of all API endpoints, organised in logical groups.
    Calls to create, retrieve, update, edit or delete resources are grouped together and clearly identified.
  • The second column provide details of the endpoint selected in zone 1.
    • Zone 2 shows the method and URL for the endpoint.
      It may require dynamic values (called path parameters) such as ID of objects when the API request targets an existing object. E.g.**/{serviceId}**/slots
    • Zone 3 shows the data required or optional to add to the chosen API endpoint.
      In particular, this may include path parameters, query parameters, and the body payload. Each field defines a type and a description to help understand how it works.
  • The 3rd column hosts the API client tester tool.
    • Zone 5 builds a full request dynamically, for your chosen programming language or tool, using values filled in zone 3 and the API key added in zone 4. The Try it! button sends the request to
    • Zone 6 contains the response sent by the API when you tried your request. You can check that the request has been shaped properly and understood by the platform.