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We are happy and excited to have you here πŸ’™! is the Video API Platform helping you to reach the quality of the top OTT video leaders without being an HLS or a DASH expert. We provide all you need to contextualize and personalize your streaming feeds and deliver a broadcast-TV like experience to your viewers.

We are leveraging the years of experience and expertise of Broadpeak’s products, used by more than 150 customers worldwide and delivering to more than 200 million viewers. provides Manifest Manipulation functionality with applications such as Content Replacement, Virtual Channel and Dynamic Ad Insertion. You can find general information on the different applications hosted by our platform on our web site.

The module sits between your Origin or CDN and the Client/Player. It acts as a service that pulls the manifest from your source stream and combines it with alternative or additional content, into a single stream that can be delivered to any application, player or website. also enables you to create a personal experience for each of your end-users, by controlling all the individual streaming sessions with a variety of criteria. provides you with different levels of service and pricing plans.

πŸ“š Structure of the Guides

Our guides describe how to set, configure and use a project in Detailed playbooks will help you get your application going, and describe the best practices for you and your team to achieve your technical and business goals in the most efficient way possible.

Where should I go first?

Foundation Guides

If you don't know much or want a reminder on how online streaming works, if only as context to understand the rest of these guides, we recommend that you quickly go through the Streaming Media foundations.

Quick guides

To make yourself familiar quickly with typical use cases, by using our Webapp, check the following:

In-depth guides

To get more detailed information, there are some major sections in this documentation's sidebar:

  • Services describes the various use cases and concepts related to each type of application
  • Understanding goes into all the nitty-gritty details of how our solution works and what it requires
  • Troubleshooting provides some pointers, should something not work the way you expect
  • Playbooks details and illustrates specific use cases, and interoperation with 3rd party solutions
  • Tools contains additional material to peruse, including some videos

API Reference

Our API Reference documentation describes how to use programmatically, and allows you to interact with it directly, from the comfort of your web browser.

You'll find more details and examples in the How to use API? section of the sidebar.


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