Limitations of the free trial accounts

You are welcome to test the platform and your services for free but there are a few limitations you should be aware of when using an account on a Free Trial commercial plan.
The commercial plan of your account is displayed in a label at the top of your web app, when you are logged in.
Once you reach those limits, you are welcome to upgrade to a pay-as-you-grow plan by clicking the Upgrade icon in the web app. If you still need a few days or a few GB, we should be able to do something for you ;-) Feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team: you can send an email to [email protected] or use the online chat at the bottom right of this page.


Maximum limit

Trial period

30 days





Egress data

50 GB

Content Replacement slots

100 (based upon 1 Viewing Policy per slot)

Depending on what interface you use (web app, API, end-user client requests to your Content Replacement services), you will either get a notification or an error code and message when you reach any of those limits.

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