#2: Creating a Virtual Channel Service

Once you have defined your Live stream as a Source in broadpeak.io, you are ready to create a Virtual Channel service. This can also be done through API or through the web UI.

Using the webapp, go into Services -> Create New -> New Service, then select the Virtual Channel Application as per below.

The main information to be filled in is the following:

  • Service type: Virtual Channel
  • Name: Name of your Virtual Channel Service.
  • base live source: Your DASH or HLS Source defined as base stream.

If you need to deliver your Virtual Channel to devices which support HLS, and other devices which support DASH, you need to repeat this step to create a Virtual Channel for both DASH and HLS.

Once you have created your Service(s), a URL is provided to you by the platform, which should look like the following:


You can use this URL to configure your CDN so manifest requests sent by the viewers are routed towards broadpeak.io. More information about configuring your CDN to work with broadpeak.io can be found in the Using broadpeak.io with a CDN section.