#1: Defining a source

Defining a Live source to be used as a base for the Virtual Channel service.

When using broadpeak.io for Virtual Channel creation, a key requirement is to already have a live Source used as Original content that will be used as a base stream for the Virtual Channel. The manifest referencing this stream will be delivered when no slots are scheduled on the service. This source must also exist as a broadpeak.io Source before creating the Virtual Channel Service, and should be defined for both HLS and DASH when your project requires both formats.



Assets that will be used to create the Virtual Channel and the base Live stream should be compatibles. You can find more information here Understanding broadpeak.io behavior.

Once the based Source is defined, Virtual Channel Service can be created.

Defining VODs and Live channel as broadpeak.io Sources

Before being scheduled, all assets that will be used as a content replacement, whether they are Live programs, events, Video-on-demand, promos, or ads creatives, must be defined as a Source in broadpeak.io. Live programs or events are managed as Live Source in broadpeak.io. This means that for each event that is happening and which needs to be scheduled, the live channel on which it is broadcasted must be defined as a Source.

For instance :

  • if three Live events are happening on the same channel, only the live channel needs to be defined as a Source.
  • if three Live events are happening on three different channels, the three live channels need to be defined as a Source.

If you are using both HLS and DASH formats, a Source must be defined twice for HLS, and another Source must be defined for DASH.

Source creation is available through the UI or through the API. Warning: the API endpoints are different based on the type of Source to create:

You can define all Sources used as content replacement after having created your Virtual Channel service.

Virtual channel demo Sources

For the sake of testing, you can use the following URLs as your base live stream, and set it as a Live source:

DASH:  https://origin.broadpeak.io/bpk-tv/bpkio/default/index.mpd
HLS:  https://origin.broadpeak.io/bpk-tv/bpkio/default/index.m3u8



Make sure the Assets you are using are compatible with the Live stream above, else the Virtual Channel will not work.