Source status

The WebApp and the API provide information about the status of your sources. The objective is to ensure you have visibility on the content (input feeds) used in your Services definitions.

Source status API

The API call you need to use to Check the status of a source is the following one:

200: The status details
400: The source has an unknown manifest format
404: timeout

Source status on the WebApp

The source status displayed by the WebApp is based upon server side and client side checks.
The first check is performed server side. The client side check is done only if the server side test passes.
As client side check are impacted by web browser policies (e.g. security), a warning on the WebApp does not necessarily mean that your source is going to have the same status when used by the platform.

Wherever a colored icon is displayed next to a source in the WebApp, it is reflecting the source status. In this case, by default, the refresh period is 4 seconds. If you hover your mouse over this icon, you will get additional information thanks to a tool tip. Note that source status will soon be added in the list of sources (link)

List of typical source statuses

StatusColor codeSample source URLDescription
Status OKGreen can be read
Client side connectivity issueYellow can be read on server side but not on client side
Request failed with status code 404Red not found on the origin or CDN
Status failed with status code 403Red provided source URL requires authentication or authorization
Timeout of 2900 ms exceededRed reading takes too long

For live sources, there are 3 possible statuses:


Status OK


Client-side connectivity issue maybe due to mixed HTTP/HTTPS contents


Unknown manifest format

In the Preview, the source status is highlighted as shown below