Run a quick Content Replacement demo

If this is the first time you are using the platform you are in the right place!

Built-in test and demonstration resources are available to help you quickly understand how the Content Replacement application works and what added value you get with this Service. They can also be used to help you test and validate your use case with the client players used by your end users.

Creating a new demonstration

You can create demonstration sources and services with just a few clicks in the web app. We are taking an example with a DASH Content Replacement demo here.

Go to the Services menu and click CREATE NEW DEMO.

This leads to a Services Demo page where you can select the demo that you want to create

As soon as you click on the "Content Replacement DASH" button, you will get the following message confirming that your demo sources and service have been created.

At this stage, you have just created the following set of elements with the following properties:

Live SourceOriginal content"Demo live source_DASH"
Live SourceDefault replacement content"Demo replacement live source_DASH"
Blackout Service"Content replacement live demo_DASH"
where xxx is dynamically generated.

Demo Service preview

As you click the GO TO DEMO SERVICE PREVIEW, you are then directed to the Preview page to visualize the Demo source used for original content (left frame) and the Demo Content Replacement service (right frame). The names and the URLs of those streams are also explicitly displayed .


Service provisioning time

Be aware that the platform may need 15 seconds to fully provision your Service. If you do not get any video on the right hand side player when you land on this page the very first time, it is very likely that you are within this timeframe. If this is the case, simply refresh the page in your Web browser and the video should be decoded soon after. We will soon improve this Preview page with a colored icon to indicate the status of the Service and an auto-play feature for the player.

Creating a Content Replacement slot

Finally, as you click the CREATE CONTENT REPLACEMENT SLOT icon, an unconditional 30 seconds Content Replacement slot will be created in 30 seconds. You should see the video switch to the default replacement content during the Content Replacement slot (allow extra time depending on the buffer latency).

You can now use this demo Service and the associated demo Sources for your tests.
You can also make some changes to this Service and these Sources if you prefer to modify the existing items rather than starting from scratch with your own Service and Sources.

You can use the same steps to create an HLS version of these demo sources and service.