#5: Streaming a Virtual Channel

Once the different programs, whether they are VOD or Live events, have been scheduled on a Virtual Channel, the schedule should be reflected and personalization should be implemented when it applies. To do so, the Virtual Channel and the different Sources used as program, must be configured to be delivered through a CDN. More information about CDN configuration can be found in the Using broadpeak.io with a CDN section.

As an outcome of the CDN configuration, a streaming link which points to the CDN FQDN is provided. It should be used in the Service Plan and provided to players when they request to stream your Virtual Channel. It should look like the following:


Identification of the Audience when streaming

When using some level of personalization on a Virtual Channel service, the player or the service platform needs to specify some information about the Audience in the streaming request. broadpeak.io expects to receive query parameters which identify the category or the zipcode in the streaming request. This way, it can identify which Audience the viewer belongs to and personalize the content accordingly.

The segment is identified with a subscriber Id


  • Audience sub1 : 0000001
  • Audience sub2 : 0000002

Streaming links per Audience:

The segment is identified with a device id


  • Audience device 1: ABCDEFG1
  • Audience device 2: ABCDEFG2

Streaming links per Audience:

The segment is identified with a subscriber profile type


  • Adults
  • Kids
  • Men
  • Women
  • Etc…

Streaming links per Audience:

The segment is a group of subscribers, devices, zipcodes


  • Audience Adults :
  • age 21
  • age 22
  • age 99
    Audience Kids :
  • age 4
  • age 5
  • .....
  • age 20
    Audience NYC :
  • zipcode: 10001
  • zipcode: 10002
  • ……………….,
  • zipcode: 10100

Streaming links per Audience:

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